Wednesday, February 18, 2009

She has our hearts in her keeping

Onto a book that I am excited to write about!

And, as an added bonus, a movie review as well!

Coraline is written by Neil Gaiman who is an author that I ran across again on quotes. This is a really quick read for sure. It is the story about a little girl, Coraline, who's parents don't really have time for her. She finds a door in her new apartment and goes through at night to find a world where everything seems so much better. In this world she has an other mother and an other father who are much better at paying attention to her. They also have buttons for eyes. However, things are not what they seem.

Coraline has to go about trying to defeat the other mother and get herself, her parents, and the souls of other lost children free from the other world. The pictures are a little creepy, at least I would be creeped out by them if I was a kid. Hell, I'm kid of freaked out by them now.

Best quote from the book by far:

"Coraline sighed. "You really don't understand, do you?" she said. "I don't want whatever I want. Nobody does. Not really. What kind of fun would it be if I just got everything I ever wanted?Just like that, and it didn't mean anything. What then?"

I also went and saw Coraline the movie. Now, when I was little, my mother took one of my brothers and I to go see the Nightmare Before Christmas. We freaked out and had to leave. That clown with the tear away face still makes me shiver. So, when I saw all the kiddies in the theatre to see Coraline, I felt for them. And several of them left. The poor girl next to me looked like she was going to cry.

That being said, I thought that this story was perfect for a stop motion picture. The details were amazing and just visually beautiful. The story was changed a little, most noteably the addition of a character, but I think that the changes made the movie flow. The other mother was wonderfully creepy - you can watch her slowly become less like Coraline's real mother and more like her true spiddery self. I yelped several times in fright, especially the end.

For the love of God, don't bring an infant to see this movie like some crazy lady did. In fact, bringing an infant to a movie theatre is just never a good idea.

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