Wednesday, February 18, 2009

It just reeks of ambience

The second book in the discworld series by Terry Pratchett is the Light Fantastic. It picks up right where The Color of Magic left off, without missing a beat really. The disc is heading towards a crazy red star, the clouds are solid, magicians are being overthrown, you know, the usual.

I think that the first book does a better job of keeping things funny and memorable. I know that I liked this book but I honestly don't have too much to say about it. I like the idea of Death having trouble learning some type of card game and the images of the trolls. I think it is hard to change the preconcieved image that most people have of classical fantasy creatures, but Pratchett does the best job at it with those trolls. And whenever I lose my teeth I hope I can afford some diamond den-chewers.

Twoflower continues to be the sterotypical tourist and Rincewind follows after, trying to clean up the mess.

And, perhaps my favorite exchange between both of his books that I've read! This takes place between Rincewind and Bethan, a madien who was rescued from being a sacraficial virgin who was mad that her Saturday nights at home went to waste.

"A necromancer!" said Rincewind
Bethan leaned sideways.
"What's neck romance?" she wispered.
"Necromancy. Talking to the dead," he explained.
"Oh," she said, vaguely disappointed."

Love it. I'm really not sure which of his books comes next, as I mentioned there are about a bagillion of them, so I'm not sure when or which ones I will read. But I love Pratchett's humor and wit so I'm sure there will be more discworld goodness in my future.

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