Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Girl goes to the movies

Went home this weekend and saw a couple of movies. Now last year I went and saw all of the films that were nominated for best picture. So I'm going to try to again this year. In case you don't already know, the five movies nominated for best picutre are:MilkFrost/NixonSlumdog MillionaireThe ReaderThe Curious Case of Benjamin Button. I hadn't seen any of them before this weekend. Can I just say that is seems more and more like any movies that are nominated for Oscars only come out in the last month of the year.

So first up on my Oscar run was Slumdog Millionaire. I had heard really great things about this movie from several different people. In fact, I don't think that I heard one negative review. The movie was very moving. There were moments where I cringed, laughed, groaned, and my friend had to grab my arm at one point because she was scared. It is a love story and there were a few lines that just were sappy to me. I went with two girl friends and one had a mini swoon whilst the other and I felt like we would vomit. I mean if some guy told me it was our destiny to be together I would be all kinds of weired-out.

I can see why this film has won so many awards already; it is all around an excellent movie. And I'm pretty sure that every movie (no exception) should end with a dance number over the credits.

Then yesterday I took my littlest brother to go see Inkheart. Now, he has read the books and has some high expectations. I was more concerened about the trailers. ;) And I wasn't dissapointed, unlike my brother. Coraline was previewed and I think I may have to go see it. My brother (oldest younger) and I went to see the Nightmare Before Christmas when we were young and my mother had to drag us out because we were so scared. Coraline looks creepy and maybe this time I won't have to hide under my seat. And they showed the HP trailer. Whenever I hear that intro music (Hedwig's theme) I get all excited and fangirly.

But onto the movie! Inkheart has an interesting premise: there are those in our world who, when reading aloud, can bring elements of books into our word. Brendan Fraiser happens to be one. Blah blah,he and his daughter get caught up with these characters from the book Inkheart which Brendan had read aloud to Maggie, his daughter, and his wife got sucked into the book. What I liked about this moive was the emphasis on books and reading. The dad and the daughter hearing books call out to them is really well done. And, I loved that the characters that weren't read out properly had tattos of the print on their faces and bodies. I kind of want them.

My brother was bummed out about the movie because I guess they changed a lot of it and stuck things from the second book in the movie. We had a talk about how movies and books never seem to mesh quite right. You just have to approach them as two different things. That being said, if they mess up a Harry Potter movie I will pitch a fit.

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