Thursday, April 30, 2009

Take better notes

Mr. Abernathy by Tony Delgrosso.

I bought this online after scooping out Delgrosso's twitter and tumblr page. He's a super funny guy and writes some really great short pieces. I ordered his book from this website:

This book is a mystery, involving a modern day young man in search of who his late father really was. Now I'm not much of a mystery reader, but the first chapter had me hooked.

The book brings together a few different story lines at once. I love reading pieces of the story from one time, then from another, building you up to a conclusion that anchors the separate stories together. Delgrosso does a very good job of capturing these different points of view without being distracting. The characters are interesting and authentic.

There are no real quotes that stuck out to me in this one. The story was fast paced and not bogged down by a lot of flowery sentences. However, there were some scenes that definitely caught me by the throat. I don't want to ruin anything though, because there are a few twists in the book.

This is a book that I am going to have to reread. I really enjoyed it and would highly suggest it to anyone. There is mystery, action, romance, and heartache. Check it out.

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