Monday, August 17, 2009

If love is worth the misery

A friend of mine lent me this book and I read it in little more than a day. Dead Until Dark is another vampire/human love story with a murder mystery. Sookie Stackhouse is our main human who can read people's minds, except for the handsome vampire Bill.

Reading this story I was amazed at the similarities to Twilight. I'm actually surprised Harris hasn't sued Meyer over the whole thing. I mean, we have characters who reads minds, Sookie and Edward, except they can't read the minds of the one they fall in love with, Bill and Bella. The vampires in Dead Until Dark "glamour" people into doing what they want while in Twilight they "dazzle" people. There is even another guy in love with the main gal who changes into some kind of dog, Sam and Jacob. Also, someone is trying to kill the girl. I'm pretty sure people have sued for less.

There are some more similarities, but the one big difference is that in this book there's a lot of sex.

Twilight aside, I really enjoyed this book. I've been working my way through 2666 and this was a nice lighter read. I thought that the mystery murderer element was well done; I wasn't able to tell who was going to be the bad guy ahead of time. I thought the lovey-dovey stuff was a little rushed, but apparently vampires don't have time to mess around when declaring their love.

I'm probably going to pick up the next one and may have to check out that HBO show, True Blood, which is based on this series.

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